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Rep. Randy Feenstra

Congressman Randy Feenstra

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Feenstra Supports Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas

On Tuesday, February 13, U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) voted for, and the U.S. House of Representatives approved, the impeachment of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas must end the border crisis today by enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, restarting construction on the border wall, and stopping the flow of deadly fentanyl into our communities. It’s as simple as that.

Instead, under Secretary Mayorkas’ watch, over 10,000 illegal immigrants are crossing our border every day, our border patrol agents lack the support that they need to do their jobs, and fentanyl manufactured in China continues to flood our rural communities and take precious lives.

I regret that Secretary Mayorkas has failed to uphold his oath of office and protect our nation from foreign threats. For this reason and many more, I voted to impeach him for his dereliction of duty to the American people.”


January 31, 2024

Feenstra, Ernst Continue the Fight to Pass Sarah’s Law

On the 8th anniversary of the tragic death of Sarah Root, U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) and U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) continue their fight to pass Sarah’s Law amidst President Biden’s unprecedented border crisis.

 On January 31, 2016, the night of her graduation from college, Sarah Root – a 21-year-old from Council Bluffs, Iowa – was struck and killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving while drunk – three times over the legal limit. Due to a loophole in federal law, the illegal immigrant was released from jail and never seen again.

 “Eight years ago today, Scott and Michelle Root received a phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Their 21-year-old daughter – Sarah – was killed in a car accident by an illegal immigrant who was driving while drunk. However, instead of being held in jail and prosecuted for his crimes, the illegal immigrant posted bail, was released from prison, and was never seen again,” said Rep. Feenstra. “In memory of Sarah, I’m working with Senator Ernst to pass Sarah’s Law so that illegal immigrants who seriously injure or kill American citizens are detained and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – not released from jail without facing a jury. Our bill will make illegal immigrants answer for their crimes and deliver some semblance of justice for the Root family as we all continue to mourn Sarah’s premature and tragic death.”

 “Sarah should be in her late twenties, enjoying life and chasing her dreams. Instead, eight years later, her loved ones are still mourning. No parent should have to endure the pain and injustice of losing a child like the Root family did. That’s why, since 2016, I’ve been working to pass Sarah’s Law,” said Sen. Ernst. “Under this bill, Sarah’s killer would have been detained by law enforcement and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As we witness illegal immigrants pour into the country under Biden, this commonsense bill will ensure that those who murder or recklessly cause harm to others are held accountable. Our laws should not prioritize illegal immigrants over the safety of Americans.”

 Sarah’s Law amends the mandatory detention provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain illegal immigrants criminally charged with killing or seriously injuring another person. It also adds a requirement that upon encountering an illegal immigrant subject to mandatory detention, ICE makes reasonable efforts to identify victims and inform their families of certain information.

January 31, 2024

Feenstra Votes to Punish and Deport Illegal Immigrants who Defraud Social Security

Today, U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) voted for the Consequences for Social Security Fraud Act, which would ensure that illegal immigrants who defraud social security are punished accordingly and swiftly deported.

“Americans who have earned social security benefits through a lifetime of hard work deserve to receive their paycheck on time and in full. Unfortunately, President Biden’s wasteful spending and open-border policies jeopardize the long-term solvency of social security and wellbeing of our seniors and our families,” said Rep. Feenstra. “That’s why I voted for legislation to punish and deport illegal immigrants who defraud social security. I will not tolerate individuals who breaks our laws and steal from American taxpayers. As a strong advocate for border security and fiscal responsibility, this legislation will help us protect precious dollars for social security recipients while holding illegal immigrants accountable for committing fraud and other despicable crimes.”

January 26, 2024

Feenstra Helps Introduce Legislation to Stop the Biden Administration from Tearing Down Texas’ Border Barriers


On January 25, U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) helped introduce – alongside U.S. Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) – legislation to prevent the Biden administration from dismantling barriers and fencing constructed by the state of Texas – or any other state – along the southern border.

“President Biden’s open-border policies have created the worst crisis at our southern border in generations. Terrorists, drug traffickers, illegal immigrants, and foreign nationals with ties to China have broken our laws, crossed our border, and been released into our country with no vetting at all. The lack of leadership from the Biden administration infuriates me,” said Rep. Feenstra. “In response to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which authorized the Biden administration to destroy barriers that the Texas National Guard has constructed along the southern border, I helped introduce legislation to overturn this decision and confirm Texas’ right to defend itself and its borders. I’m equally grateful that Governor Reynolds has deployed the Iowa National Guard to the border to keep our families and rural communities safe. My message to President Biden is simple: we should be building the border wall, not tearing it down.”


January 23, 2024

Feenstra-led Legislation to Support Foster Families and Children Passes U.S. House of Representatives

 Last week, legislation originally introduced by U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) passed the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill would help states like Iowa connect more children in the foster care system with loving homes and families.

 “As a father of four and a Christian, it is my firm belief that every child deserves a safe, loving home in our country. Unfortunately, many vulnerable children in our foster care system lack a family that they can call their own due to a shortage of foster families and a nationwide inability to retain generous families willing to foster. That must change,” said Rep. Feenstra. “I’m proud that my bill to support foster families and children passed the U.S. House of Representatives, demonstrating my commitment to uplifting our children and finding a home for every kid in the foster care system. With the right tools and resources, I am confident that we can end this crisis and ensure that every child can chase their dreams with a loving support system around them.”

 This legislation would help states uphold and strengthen their diligent recruitment plans by improving their processes – with concrete facts and information – for identifying, recruiting, and retaining qualified foster homes.

It also establishes family advisory boards to disseminate best practices, highlight financial and emotional obstacles facing foster families, and keep foster families – who are the beating heart of the foster system – at the center of systematic changes and improvements.

January 19, 2024

My Weekly Column: Permanently repealing the death tax

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to start a small business and run a farm. From balancing the books and maintaining inventory to paying employees and complying with burdensome rules and regulations, these enterprises require long hours and real commitment to be successful and profitable. In Iowa, many of our farms and small businesses are family-owned-and-operated, which is not only a testament to the grit and dedication of our families, but also a source of pride for our great state. This also means that a death in the family – which is tragic and heartbreaking – has serious ramifications for the future of a family farm or business.

Over 99% of our country’s two million farms and ranches and over 95% of our nation’s small businesses are owned and operated by individuals and families. In other words, the American economy is powered by mom-and-pop shops on main street and farms that have been in the family for generations. Naturally, the federal government only sees these incredible farms and small businesses as potential sources of tax revenue, completely ignoring the sacrifice and labor that made these enterprises successful.

Currently, when a family member passes away, the federal government imposes an unfair and costly tax on the transfer of property, land, and other assets from the deceased family member to heirs of family farms and small businesses. This tax – which is known as the estate tax or the death tax – represents double taxation at its worst. Iowa families grieving the loss of a loved one should not face an enormous tax bill from the federal government just to continue the family tradition of farming or keep their small business open and operational.

On my 36 County Tour, I have spoken to too many farmers and small business owners who are fearful that their children and grandchildren will not be able to uphold the family tradition because the death tax would require them to sell land, equipment, and other assets just to pay the enormous tax bill levied by the federal government. I’ve also had several conversations with members of my Agriculture Advisory Board who are concerned – like I am – that the next generation of Iowa farmers and producers face financial hurdles and other challenges when it comes to farming, which are only exacerbated by the death tax. It’s absolutely infuriating and unacceptable.

That’s why I recently led 162 of my colleagues in introducing the Death Tax Repeal Act to permanently repeal the death tax, ensure that hardworking families, farmers, and small businesses keep more of their hard-earned money, and strengthen family-owned-and-operated enterprises in Iowa. My bill – which enjoys support from 194 organizations across the country – would enable these multigenerational businesses to continue to support their families without having to pay a devastating tax upon the death of a family member. It’s my belief that our families are already taxed enough as it is. President Biden doesn’t need to extract more money from hardworking farmers and businesses in rural America to fund his reckless spending policies and Green New Deal agenda.

By fully eliminating the death tax, we can keep China away from our farmland, allow family farms and small businesses to succeed, and encourage the next generation of Iowa farmers and business owners to plant their roots in rural Iowa, support our main streets, and contribute to our economy. Serving on both the House Agriculture Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, I will continue to be a strong voice for Iowa farmers and small businesses who deserve lower taxes and peace of mind.

We are government together, and your thoughts and opinions matter to me. Please contact my office at Feenstra.House.Gov or by phone at 202-225-4426 if I can ever be of assistance. I am proud to represent our families, farmers, main street businesses, and rural communities in Congress.






























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